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Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry

Concealed carry/carrying a concealed weapon is the act of carrying a weapon in a public while hidden from public view. The weapon (pistol, knife, stun gun, etc.) may either be carried directly on the person (pocket, holster under the shirt) or in a bag or container controlled by the carrier (purse, briefcase, backpack). Different states in the United States have different regulations when it comes to carrying of weapons, either concealed or openly.

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Weapons Carry License

Most states issue licenses to carry weapons to qualified applicants on a “shall-issue” basis: so long as the license applicant is not prohibited by law (state or federal) from possessing a firearm, a Weapons Carry License must be issued. Georgia is just such a state. A minority of states rely on issuing authorities to issue licenses (called “may-issue” states), while eleven states allow concealed carry of weapons without any permit from authorities (these are “constitutional carry” states). Twenty states require a permit to carry weapons; twenty-six states allow open carrying of weapons without a permit; and four states, including Washington D.C, expressly prohibit the open carrying of weapons.

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Where Can I Carry?

In Georgia, an individual in possession of a Weapons Carry License may legally carry a handgun openly or concealed in any place where it is not illegal for them to possess a handgun under state or federal law. Sounds simple enough, right? The places both permitted and prohibited under Georgia law can be found in O.C.G.A. § 16-11-126 and § 16-11-127, among other scattered laws and regulations. In addition, because a Weapons Carry License is issued by the State of Georgia and not the federal government, a Weapons Carry License holder may not legally carry a handgun onto federal property unless specifically authorized by law.

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